Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Dwarf Novae Candidates at Planet Hunters KIC 11412044, KIC 5565606, KID 10678185

Comment by Kian Jek:

"So far, Planet Hunters have found three background dwarf novae (DN) candidates in the Kepler public data, and we have worked out some basic characterizations of their properties as well as locations:

KIC 11412044 (see here)
KIC 5565606 (see here)
KIC 10678168 (see here) - the actual DN is suspected to be KIC 10678185

These were discovered at various times in the past with various contributions from many of us - I am just summarizing these here (on 6/30/2012) in the expectation that anybody trying to do a Google search of any of these Kepler IDs will be directed to this thread and continue to the discussions. If you have found these stars independently and plan to conduct some research on them, I simply request that you acknowledge our prior work and contributions. Please send correspondence to Meg Schwamb <megan.schwamb AT yale.edu>"

 KIC 11412044

 KIC 5565606

KIC 10678168 contaminated by suspected DN  KID 10678185

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